Creating corporate minutes is no longer an intimidating, difficult and time-consuming chore.

Safe and Secure


With bank level encryption, MinuteCreator™ lets you safely store your corporate Minute Book in the cloud, giving you 24/7 access to your corporate documents when you need them.




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Documents In Minutes


Let MinuteCreator™ draft your minutes, insert the proper legal wording, so you can download, print, sign them and be done.




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Save Money


Creating corporate minutes is no longer an intimidating, difficult and time consuming chore.



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Easy Access

Give access to as many, or as few, people as you need, with 24/7 access.



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Designed from the ground up to draft corporate minutes.

  • Drafts requests for meetings, notices of meetings and meeting minutes for annual and special meetings of the Board of Directors, Shareholders or Managers and Members
  • Remembers information previously entered, there is no need re-enter the same information from meeting to meeting or from year to year
  • Recommends answers to questionnaires, based on your prior answers
  • Individually addresses documents to each shareholder, director, manager, or member, as needed
  • Allows for recording and reporting of votes taken, not just passed items
  • Records and reports split votes (when a vote is not unanimous)
  • Creates documents with each person’s name properly incorporate in the document and signature lines, as needed and using the correct legal format

Limited Liability

$25Full access for one (1) year*
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Charitable Corporations

$25Full access for one (1) year*
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    • • Create Meeting Notices
    • • Waiver of Notices
    • • Board of Directors Minutes
    • • Store & Search signed documents in the Digital Minute Book 24/7 access (with subscription)
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