Working With MinuteCreatorTM

1. Drafting Directors Minutes

You start with a landing page, customized for your business.

Click on a button and tell MinuteCreatorTM what type of document you want it to draft.

Options include requests for meetings, notices of meetings, and meeting minutes for annual and special meetings of the Directors, Shareholders, or Managers or Members.


2. Meeting Details – Select Meeting of Directors, Annual Meeting

Tell MinuteCreatorTM  when and where the meeting was held.

Fill in the information once, and MinuteCreatorTM  will remember the details, so you never have to fill the same information in twice. 

3. Answer a few short yes and no questions; provide details, as needed

MinuteCreatorTM asks you a series of questions, designed by a corporate attorney to let you provide only the information which is needed to create your minutes, and let you get on with your day.

4. Quickly Record Votes, Even Split Votes

Record unanimous votes with a single click. Record split votes with as few two clicks of your mouse!



5. Download the Finished Word Document

Complete the questionnaire, and download you document.


6. It really is just that easy!

Open the draft document, review, edit and save. You're done.

It's just that easy.